***VERY IMPORTANT Service Information***

GeniusTV Update on VOD. (Movies & Series)

Video on demand will likely not return. From a service standpoint, it draws unwanted attention and extra server resources. I have worked too hard, and spend countless hours perfecting streams and trying to get things back to normal, to allow movies and series to jeopardize this. I know some of you will kick and scream and may even unsubscribe. I hope you don't. However, IPTV is based on the business model of providing Live TV, not on demand. I agree it was definitely a nice asset, but I'm sure you would rather have a service then nothing at all. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If there’s an opportunity to bring it back in the future I will consider it but as of now I won’t be offering it. There are APKs out there to replace what is missing.

This announcement has nothing to do with the Emby service.


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~For First Time Setup Please Do Not Use Your Mobile Phone~ You will have issues at checkout

IPTV is not a perfect service. There will be issues from time to time but we pride ourselves in having one of the best services around.

TIME FRAME: Kindly understand that it may take around 3 hours for your service to be activated. In rare cases, even more. But usually in 15 mins. If you choose to setup auto renewal and submit your order around 12am-4am EST, there is a chance your payment may not report until the following morning around 9-10am EST.

EMAILS: You will receive 3 emails from GeniusTV 1. Welcome to GeniusTV - This email has your username and password to log back into the GeniusTV.biz website. 2. Thank you for your payment. 3. An email labeled "Subscription Info" that will contain your service login and password which uses numbers.  ***This email gets sent to junk/spam often*** Monitor those folders!

REFUNDS: Unless our service is dead and not coming back, we do not offer refunds without penalty.  If you mistakenly paid twice, mismanaged your subscriptions, changed your mind, you aren't happy, channels are down, or anything else you can think of - we charge a 50% penalty on your refund.  Each time we refund you, we LOSE money.  Ask questions before purchasing, not after.  We will all be much happier :)

CHANNEL LIST: Channels are not guaranteed.  Refunds will not be given to anyone because of channels being removed.  Please understand that while we try to obtain every available high quality source, sometimes there just isn't a source.



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